What Should Be In Your Carry-On Bag

The perfect carry-on bag is something that you have to master with your frequent travels. Sometimes people forget certain things to make their travel experience better, but today I’m here to provide the perfect list for your carry-on bag.

Mini-Wallet/Passport Holder With Built-In Wallet

Having access to vital items while traveling is super important. I’ve been known to have a huge wallet, but I cut down on the cards that I carry on vacation. I typically carry two or three debit/credit cards, a small amount of cash and ID cards, or my passport. Having one small wallet I can grab easily has been a lifesaver when in an airport.


Sometimes tuning out the world on a flight is just what you need to get into vacation mode. Listening to music or even an audiobook can get you well prepared to explore your new destination. Airpods are my go-to but you can truly use any headphones. It also comes in handy for the noisy baby that is sitting in your section of the plane as well.

Toiletry Bag

Disinfectant wipes, oil or hand lotion, lip balm, Excedrin/Ibuprofen, travel-sized toiletries, and more should be included in your carry-on toiletry bag. All of these items are a must-have especially if you want to get off of your flight feeling your best!


Snacks are super essential when it comes to short or long-haul flights. Nothing beats having your favorite snacks on standby. These are actually some of my favorites, but any snacks are cool. This also helps you save a few bucks because airport food can literally cost you so much money.

Sleeping Mask (For Long Haul Flights)

Getting some shut-eye on flights is a game-changer. It could make the difference between being ready to get out and see the city or taking a nap as soon as you get to your accommodations. Having a sleep mask is super important. Block out the light, ignore conversations from talkative people next to you, and more. You get it.

Phone Charger/Laptop Charger

Staying connected is something that the world simply cannot go without. Making sure you have the power to stay connected is important. Phone chargers and laptop chargers always need to be in your carry-on. It seems like everything we need to have a flawless travel experience from beginning to end is in our mobile devices and laptops.

Refillable Water Bottle

I speak for myself when I say that running through an airport or simply getting through TSA can make anyone truly parched. Having a refillable water bottle is one of those things that completes a carry-on bag. You never know when you’ll need a sip or gulp of water! Always stay prepared.

A Change of Clothes

There is nothing like checking a bag, and then getting to your destination and your bag is nowhere to be found. I learned my lesson when I lost every single piece of clothing I had due to my bag being lost because of the airlines. Always keep a spare set of clothing in your carry-on bag just in case things don’t do as planned.

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