Welcome Sharteyana Jeffery, Melanin Voyage Contributor

In our continuing effort to expand resources and captivating content offered to our community of readers here at The Melanin Voyage, we have decided to bring on two new contributors to the platform! These contributors will bring a fresh perspective to our website and we cannot wait to see the knowledge and value that they have to offer.

Sharteyana Jefferey of Shar The Travel Blogger

Let’s introduce our newest contributor, Sharteyana Jefferey of the travel blog, Shar The Travel Blogger. She is a travel blogger from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but currently living in Miami, Florida. An International Business Student who spends her college semesters abroad. Sharteyana is a fun, energetic, unique travel blogger who loves embracing the diversities of what the world has to offer.

She enjoys learning about new countries, cultures, languages, ethics, morals, religions, and history. She brings out the excitement of her travel experiences through her eye-popping travel photography.

Welcome Sharteyana Jeffery, Melanin Voyage Contributor

In addition to her blog, follow her on Instagram where she posts quite often about what’s going on in and what country she is currently in! Once again, welcome Sharteyana! We can’t wait to hear from you here on The Melanin Voyage!

Check out her Voyage Interview here.

Before You Go…

If you know of anyone who is a lifestyle or travel blogger, encourage them to apply to be a Melanin Voyage Contributor hereWe will respond to the applicant within 2-3 business days.

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