Welcome Lydia V. Williams, Lead Photographer

As most of you know that are apart of the Melanin Voyage Newsletter (sign up below this article) or our Facebook Travel Community Voyage Nation, Melanin Voyage has a destination schedule where we will be taking you on small, curated group trips very soon!

On these trips, capturing travel moments will be essential. Melanin Voyage has decided to bring a true professional to our team that will capture those moments during our group travel experiences. All of our trips will have a professional photographer in tow so that you don’t have to worry about pulling out your camera during moments when you should take everything in.

Welcome Lydia V. Williams, Lead Photographer

Lydia Williams, Lead Photographer

I would love to introduce you to the person who will continue to bring your travel memories to life even after your trip with us has concluded. Meet Lydia V. Williams, owner of Diaography, LLC from Baldwin County, Alabama. Lydia has her B.S in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Public Relations from Troy University. She has extensive experience in capturing moments through her lens. Lydia picked up her camera at the age of 12 and has not put it down since. Eventually, she officially became a business owner at the age of 17 and founded Diaography, LLC.

Welcome Lydia V. Williams, Lead Photographer

Lydia’s eye for capturing moments to be remembered exceeds our expectations and we are so fortunate to have her on our team to capture important memories for not only YOU on your Voyage Nation trip but memories for Melanin Voyage as well. Her work is truly remarkable and we cannot wait to see the world through her eyes. Make sure that you join our Facebook Community here so you can be informed about our future group trips. Also, sign-up below for our newsletter because they always get the first opportunity to book with us!

Keep Up With Lydia

Check-out her social media! Her Instagram is @Diaography and her website is Diaography.com.

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Voyage Nation is a Facebook community that curates group trips catering to black millennials and beyond, and we are visiting Athens & Santorini, Greece in February 2022! Want to know when the trip is available to book and other trips? Join our community here.

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