Websites & Apps for Flight Glitches

Glitches are heaven sent. Have you ever stumbled upon a glitch and you had to blink twelve times and rub your eyes? Glitches are something that you have to jump on as soon as you see it! One moment you can be seeing a round-trip flight to Paris for $200, and the next time you refresh the screen that price is long gone! Airlines don’t take long to fix glitches because it costs them money! You want to know the tips and tricks to the trade to finding flight deals and glitches? Stay tuned! Let’s talk about websites and apps for flight glitches.

Flight glitches can be caused by a number of reasons! Sometimes it’s by human error, other times it can be as simple as forgetting to change currencies. But these errors make our hearts light up with wanderlust! 

Websites & Apps for Flight Glitches

So let’s talk apps. There are a few apps that I want to mention that help you find super cheap fares! Google Flights is the most obvious one. Google Flights pulls all available fares to one platform for viewing (except Southwest for some reason) and you can compare fares as well as use two different airlines to make your trip! 

Another website/app is SKYSCANNER where you can find cheap fares as well. SKYSCANNER is a tad bit different though because it can tell you when the cheapest time to fly is. Google Flights also does this, but it’s easier to understand on SKYSCANNER. 

The best website I have found has to be Secret Flying! Somehow, someway they find fares and I can’t help but wonder where in the world they pulled it from and I don’t question it long because I’m thankful! You can subscribe by email, follow them on Twitter and Facebook to always be in the know about current deals and glitches!

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Another equally as important thing to do to ind flight glitches is: FIND PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO TRAVEL LIKE YOU AND LOVE DEALS AS MUCH AS YOU DO! Fill your timeline with individuals who travel frequently and do it on a dime! These individuals are the best resource because if I find a roundtrip flight for dirt cheap, I’m most certainly going to do a victory lap on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, AND Snapchat!

Also check out travel forums who talk about flight deals and glitches to maximize your wanderlust experiences! Oh! Don’t forget to sign up for my email newsletter for more travel content. 

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