Voyage Interview: Sharteyana Jeffery

Today I have a special interview with a friend of mine Sharteyana. She is a true inspiration and I would love to introduce her to our community. Shar will be joining me on my trip to Bali. So you will surely see her again on the Melanin Voyage. You might learn a few things, so let’s get into it!

Voyage Interview: Sharteyana Jeffery

Tell Us A Little About Yourself

My name is Sharteyana Jeffery and I’m currently finishing up my degree at the University of Alabama. I’m from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and now I currently live in Miami. I love traveling and I’ve been obsessed with experiencing new places and cultures.

Voyage Interview: Sharteyana Jeffery

How Did Your Passion For Travel Start?

I started traveling four years ago. It started off small and became something bigger. I started domestic and now I’m traveling internationally. However, growing up I’d always watch the Travel Channel and would imagine and dream that one day I’d get to go to those places. It wasn’t until I broke myself away from a toxic relationship is when I started doing the things I truly wanted to do and traveling was at the top of my list. I started randomly finding flight glitches and ended up booking a trip to Europe in 2017. Since then, I’ve been traveling and loving every moment and experience I gain from my traveling journey. Traveling became my peace and my healing/spiritual go-to. I needed to find myself and heal from my past. So I ended up moving halfway across the world.

Voyage Interview: Sharteyana Jeffery

How Do You Afford To Travel So Much, So Often?

Traveling is not as expensive as people make it out to be. However, I am a travel agent as well so I get a lot of deals on travel expenses. But I usually search online for flight deals and I’m also a member of a special group that sends out emails to us whenever a glitch is found. I’ve flown from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany for $88. It’s all about the timing as well. Sometimes, I save my school refund. Most people spend their refunds on materialistic things. I usually spend mine on traveling. I don’t spend money on hair, nails, clothes, and shoes. So the money I save pretty much gets poured into my travel fund. 

Voyage Interview: Sharteyana Jeffery

What Continents Have You Been To, and Where Are You Headed To Next? 

USA, Europe, Asia, and South America.   

I will be heading to Africa next. Dubai is also in the future. I will be heading to Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria, and Egypt in December. 

What Tips Can You Provide To Our Readers About Maximizing Your Trips and Seeing Multiple Locations?

I would recommend budgeting your expenses and putting something aside to at least be able to travel to a new place once a year if not more. Booking a flight 6-8 weeks in advance is the best time to secure a flight. Usually, airlines drop their prices to fill up the remaining available seats as quickly as they can. I also advise that when traveling to Europe and Asia and to book a one-way flight from the USA and book one-way flights from multiple countries. When I went to Germany I paid $88 one way. If I’d done a round trip it was $800+ so I took the time to look at what other countries I could see while over there. Most one-way flights are under $100 at the max. So I flew from Germany to London for $48 one way, and then to Paris from London for $25. Then I flew from London to Italy for $17 and flew from Italy back to Chicago one way for $140. All of those totaled up to $293. So 4 countries for under $300. But it takes time to plan it all out within your budget. 

Voyage Interview: Sharteyana Jeffery

What Is The Worst Travel Experience That You’ve Had? How Did You Overcome The Situation?

The only bad travel experience I’ve had was going with my friends on a trip to Puerto Rico. This made me realize that I do like to travel solo. When you travel solo you have time for yourself to reflect back on life and to better yourself by taking some much needed “ME TIME” away from life for a moment. But when you have someone with you sometimes it can slow you down from what you really want to do.

Voyage Interview: Sharteyana Jeffery

What Is The Best Travel Memory You’ve Had and What Was The Best Part Of It? 

I would say Paris. I met other solo travelers during this trip and we all just kind of clicked and went everywhere together in Paris. We formed a friendship that even now, 3 years later, we still talk and keep in touch with each other. 

Voyage Interview: Sharteyana Jeffery

How Can We Keep Up With You? What Are Your Social Media Handles?

Shar The Travel Blogger on Facebook.

Shar_TheTravelBlogger on Instagram.

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