Voyage Interview: Travel Blogger Alicia Martinez

Have you been wondering what travel bloggers have been up to in quarantine? We’ve had a chance to catch up with one of our favorite travel bloggers, Alicia Martinez to see how she is handling being in quarantine. Alicia has traveled to some amazing places and she will be sharing some of her favorite traveling tips and experiences with us.

Voyage Interview: Travel Blogger Alicia Martinez

Tell Us A Little About Yourself

My name is Alicia Martinez, and I work full-time as a Social Worker. I obtained my Master’s Degree in Social Work at New York University and later worked in the Bronx as a Social Worker, before returning back home to Bermuda. While I’m not at work, I enjoy traveling (of course) and blogging about my travel adventures.

How Did Your Passion for Travel Start?

As a Bermudian, living on an island only 21 square miles, for me, taking a vacation is very important! Like many, Instagram and other social media platforms have been my travel inspiration. I see so many beautiful places online and can’t help but book flights to experience them for myself. Now, traveling is just “my thing”, and I’m always looking for the next adventure!

How do you Afford to Travel So Much?

As cliché as it sounds, I simply save, save, save. Travel is important to me, therefore I budget so that I’m able to do so. I’ve created a travel account where I save money each month so that I am able to afford to travel. As mentioned already, I work full-time, and that’s mainly how I fund all of my travels. Although many people may say that I travel often, I still don’t travel nearly as much as I would like to!

What Are You Doing to Keep Yourself Busy In Quarantine Since You Can’t Travel Right Now?

I’m somewhat of an essential worker, so I’m back to work! However, while I was in quarantine, I simply enjoyed relaxing and taking things day by day. But, since I can’t travel, I’m thinking of ways in which I could explore my own island, and create creative content since at the moment I can’t do so on vacation!

Voyage Interview: Travel Blogger Alicia Martinez

What are you doing to stay positive through the current situation going on in the world?

To stay positive, I have been praying and reflecting on what I am most grateful for. I’m grateful for my health, my loved ones, their health, my job, and the many opportunities that life has handed me. It’s easy to lose sight of the good things during a crisis like this, but expressing gratitude daily is a great way to ground you and keep you on the path of positivity.

What is the Best Travel Memory you Have and What Was the Best Part of It?

Oddly enough, my best travel memory is also my worst travel memory. As I already mentioned, my boyfriend and I visited Morocco, only to be denied entry due to the absence of a visa. Although this was such a horrible travel experience, it was also a great one. It humbled and taught me so much about life, and about myself! I was abruptly reminded that sh*t happens and that traveling isn’t always as luxurious as it appears online and in the media. Despite my disappointment and devastation, the experience gave me a thick skin and made me grateful for so much.

Did you have to cancel or postpone any travel plans due to COVID-19?

So far, I’ve had to cancel a trip to Amsterdam and Spain, due to COVID-19. It was a girl’s trip, so I’m pretty disappointed, but hopefully, we get a chance to travel together soon.

What Tips Can You Provide to Our Readers About Maximizing Your Trips and Seeing Multiple Locations?

I think that it is important to have a good idea of what “type” of vacation you want to experience, for instance, whether it’s budget or luxury travel, or relaxing vs. adventurous. This would help you to plan effectively, and ultimately enjoy your travel experience. Also, although a little spontaneity is fun, and never hurt anybody, I personally think that some level of planning is key. Plan ahead and do your research. Traveling is an investment, and therefore it’s important to put time and effort into planning your dream vacation. It’s definitely worth it in the end! If you’re interested in seeing multiple locations, again do your research! Find out which countries are in the same region, or in rather close proximity to one another. This way you could see several countries during one vacation, which in the end would help you to save so much more money! P.S. I’ve heard backpacking in Southeast Asia is amazing—I have yet to do it!

Voyage Interview: Travel Blogger Alicia Martinez

What is the worst travel experience that you’ve had? How did you overcome the situation?

So far, my worst travel experience was in Morocco! I booked an amazing vacation to Marrakech, Morocco, and was sadly disappointed. My boyfriend and I arrived in Morocco, and approached immigration, only to be told that we needed a visa—which we didn’t have! I had sworn I had done my research and thought that my country was exempt from needing a visa for entry, but I was wrong. Unfortunately, we were asked to leave the country immediately, due to the absence of the visa. We were there during Ramadan, therefore there weren’t many agents/staff in the airport to assist us with arranging a flight out of the country. It was horrible! We were left to our own devices to book another flight and had to sleep in the airport for hours, alone. Finally, we were able to book a flight to Barcelona, Spain instead! Despite my disappointment, I made the most out of Barcelona! But, the moral of the story, again…do your research. This could make or break a vacation! The good news is that later that year we re-visited Morocco where we were able to enjoy the vacation that we had initially planned!

After quarantine is over, where is the first place that you plan to travel to?

After quarantine is over, I plan to visit Turkey and Greece. I hope that this happens sooner rather than later!

What are your goals for your travel blog/career in the long run?

I’m simple. I just want to provide helpful information and inspire others to travel and live their best life. In the end, I would love to become a full-time traveler. I’m optimistic, so maybe one day!

Voyage Interview: Travel Blogger Alicia Martinez

What are your social media handles?

Instagram: aliciajmartinez

Travel Blog:

A big thanks to Alicia for taking the time to interview with us. Melanin Voyage looks forward to featuring her and her amazing travel photos in the future!

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