How Vacation Flings Can Improve Your Love Life

How Vacation Flings Can Improve Your Love Life

Have you ever dreamed about having a vacation fling? Romantic vacation encounters can actually upgrade your dating life after your trip has concluded. Vacation flings can be looked down upon, but if you use them as a learning experience you can come out on top. Let’s talk about How Vacation Flings Can Improve Your Love Life.

Meeting Someone Outside The Box

During your time away from reality, you can use this chance to meet and have a conversation with someone you otherwise wouldn’t have. As much as we would hate to admit it, sometimes we have a “type” which could sometimes keep us from having conversations with people that you wouldn’t have in your everyday life. Taking a chance could possibly land you someone you would’ve never looked twice at or help you determine what exactly you’d like to have in a future partner.

How Vacation Flings Can Improve Your Love Life

Helps You Learn What You Want In A Partner and What You Don’t Want

Continuing the previous topic, everyone is unique. You may meet someone on your time away and something that they did completely turned you off or on. You might discover that you love a different type of humor or type of intellect. Finding exactly what you want in a future partner is important. For instance, it could make the difference between having a happy and healthy marriage or divorce. Nobody likes divorce, especially when you could’ve taken the time to get to know what you desire in a partner.

Gives You Space To Learn New Things Without Judgement

Have you ever liked someone or something and you were scared to admit it due to potentially being judged? I know I have. I have gone through periods in my life where I had to decide to be true to myself or pretend to like something that I don’t. During your time away, you don’t know anyone. My favorite quote is, “I can do what I want on vacation and be free because I’ll never see any of these people again.” I live by that quote (only on vacation) and I take it to heart. I use my vacation time to find out things about myself, how I operate, and what I like and don’t.

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How Vacation Flings Can Improve Your Love Life

You Get To Practice Your Pick-Up Skills

In order to have a vacation fling, you have to make some other contact with your potential fling interest. This forces you to have to break out your best pick-up lines. Please don’t ask me for any because I’m terrible at this type of thing. But consult your friends or look up this information. This is a travel blog and not a relationship advice blog! LOL So get out there and brush up on those skills. Although the vacation fling might not last forever, at least you’ll have the pick-up lines for your future forever!

Happy Dating.


How Vacation Flings Can Improve Your Love Life
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