Trip Planning 101: How Do I Plan A Trip?

When you’re planning a vacation/getaway, what is the first step in the process? Some would go directly for the flights (book now, think about accommodations and PTO later), some would go for researching the location first, and some might feel inclined to book accommodations first and worry about how they will get there later. 

Everyone has a particular way that they plan a vacation/getaway, but what is the most efficient way to get the best out of your vacation as well as maximize your dollar? Although everyone has a particular way of trip planning, follow me as I walk you through my process of planning a voyage. 

Let’s Talk About The Basics

Trip planning can seem like a marathon sometimes. I am the type to feel like once I make a decision, it’s final. I don’t like to go back and forth with second-guessing myself. Everyone who knows me knows that is my rule of thumb. So, with that being said, I usually book my flight first. The reason I book my flight first is for several reasons.

Flights tend to fluctuate.

  • One moment it could be a one hundred to couple hundred bucks, the next moment, someone could make a viral post and it gets shared 100K times over the next hour in my hometown and that ticket is now $500+

Once I book a flight, it’s final. I’m not about to waste money.

  • My philosophy on this is, “If I’m not dead, I’m going on the trip.” 

The most important thing for me is getting there.

  • Having somewhere to stay and PTO is something that I just don’t think about. I know two things for sure. One, if I died one week, my job would have my job listed the next week, I only get one life. Second, accommodations are plentiful depending on what time of the year you are traveling and the events surrounding the destination. With sites like AirBnB, Vacation Rentals, HomeAway and Google (duh) the options are diverse and available. 

After my flight has been booked, next on the list is a place to lay my head. I need somewhere to stay right? I have to go at this point. So the first thing that I do is head to AirBnB. Why AirBnB do you ask? I became addicted to the AirBnB wave back in 2014 and have been finding places to stay with them ever since. I honestly don’t even remember the last time I booked a hotel, unless it was booked for me. If AirBnB doesn’t have that particular accommodation that I’m looking for, then I’ll head to HomeAway or Vacation Rentals and then search for a hotel after that. But I do tell you, there is something about booking an AirBnB, it makes you kinda feel like a local. 

Location, Location, Location

Finally, the last thing I look at is location. Before this moment though, I know that I’ve seen a viral post or have done some research on my favorite travel bloggers website. I’ve pretty much summed up why exactly I’m going to this destination and what I want to gain from this voyage. My travel style is really laid back. I like to plan key things that are MUST DO and then let everything else fall into place. I do go to CityPass to see if they have a package available so that I can at least get the basics of city sight seeing. So in the aspect of actually planning things, I’m terrible at it. I like to live in the moment and document it as I go along.

So there you have it Voyagers! That’s exactly how my travel planning goes when I ultimately decide to take a trip. Do you have any tips on how you plan your vacations/getaways? Let me know in the comments.


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