Securing The Bag: Travel Stocks To Buy During Stock Market Lows

Please be advised that I am NOT a stock trading professional, but rather providing information that has brought me success in the world of Stock Market trading. Please take this information for what you want to take it as and not the advice of an expert or professional. Thank you.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus has caused a lot of turmoil in the past few months, and the stock market has suffered. During this time, it is so easy to panic about food, medicine, and necessary supplies to survive this pandemic, but there is something that can secure a bright future for you and your loved ones if you do it correctly. Trading stocks. Now is the best time to invest because stocks are at a more attainable price than they have been before, especially stocks related to the travel industry and manufacturing industry. Let’s talk about Securing The Bag: Travel Stocks To Buy During Stock Market Lows.

Securing The Bag: Travel Stocks To Buy During Stock Market Lows

Platforms To Trade On for Beginners

If you are someone that has been trading for a while, please ignore my recommendations. These recommendations are for beginners. The trading platforms that I currently use are E-Trade, Stockpile, and Cash App. These platforms are relatively easy to use and understand. Both Cash App and Stockpile let you buy fractional shares which make buying stock even more attainable.

Stocks To Buy

I will be listing stocks that I’ve purchased as of late that have had some return significant enough to mention. I will not mention the amount per share here. That will be completely up to you to research and determine if you want to make an investment. Let’s get started.

Carnival Corporation

Carnival Corporation is down right now because of the epidemic, but they are bound to bounce back after the coronavirus has been contained. The stock prices are low enough right now to buy 2 or 3 or more for the cost of an outfit.

Securing The Bag: Travel Stocks To Buy During Stock Market Lows

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has always been leaps and bounds ahead of other airlines, but right now they are suffering from the prices of their shares plummeting. Now would be a great time to invest because after the epidemic passes, Delta is bound to get ahead of the curve in generating revenue for the brand. Once this happens, your stock investment soars.

American Airlines

American Airlines at the time of this post is one of the cheaper stocks available for purchase in this post. Just like Delta, American is up for a rebound in the market. The shares are attainable in price and are a sound investment because the travel industry isn’t going anywhere.

Securing The Bag: Travel Stocks To Buy During Stock Market Lows

Ford Motors

In recent news, it has been said that Ford is gearing up to produce ventilators to combat COVID-19. Since Ford is contributing to this effort of combatting the virus, one should naturally want to invest in the company that is about to supply the machinery to do so. Ford shares are as low as a meal out at your local fast-food restaurant.

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General Electric

As stated previously with Ford, GE is also joining the effort in producing the ventilators. It would be wise to invest in them because money has to be spent to make and obtain the machinery to combat the virus.

What Are You Going To Buy?

Have you decided what you are going to buy? Let me know below. Have you already bought some of the shares listed above? What has your return been like?

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