Travel Often While Maintaining A Full-Time Job

Not everyone has the ability to take time off work and travel the world without care to give, but there are some ways that you can make sure you get a great deal of travel in as well as maintaining a full-time career/gig/job. Although it may not seem possible, buy the time you finish this blog post, you’ll be well on your way to planning your next adventure. Let’s discuss how to travel often while maintaining a full-time job.

Make Travel A Priority

Travel is certainly something that you have to make a priority. This is an essential part of making your travel plans a reality. Like I always tell people, everyone has a vice, mine happens to be travel. Making travel a priority can happen plenty of ways. Some of my habits include saving funds to take the trips and planning out my Paid Time Off accordingly. When I plan a trip, I always make the trip. I have a savings account with Discover that I keep my travel funds in and that’s how I prioritize making sure travel is at the top of my list.

If I’m not dead, I’m going on the trip.

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How to travel often while maintaining a full-time job.
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Extend Your Weekends

Extend your weekend and use those weekend days PLUS an off day Friday or Monday to have a 4-day vacation. This is my go-to hack when I need to get away and I have limited time or I can’t get a workaround to be able to take time off to travel.

Go Alone

Most of the time, we continuously wait for family or friends to tag along on our adventures. Stop waiting on them. Please. The longer that you wait, the longer you’ll never get to explore the world like you deserve to. I know the thought of solo travel may be scary, but sometimes you need to take a leap out on faith and take the trip alone. Sometimes you find yourself and a new love for solo travel at the same time.

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how to travel often while maintaining a full-time job.
You Work Hard, Take A Break

If You Can Afford To Without Consequences, SKIP WORK!

Your job is in the business of making money. You should be in the business of living your life and not allowing a business or anyone else to dictate how you live your life. If you passed away today, I can bet my last dollar that your job will have your position up to be filled the next week. Take care of yourself. Sometimes we just need the time to regenerate. Take a few days off and take the trip. That is what sick days are for. Sick days can be considered “mental health days” I know that’s what I refer to them as.

Maximize Holidays

There are plenty of days in the year where your job may offer you time off for the holidays. Use those days to your advantage! If the holiday happens to be on a Monday, take Friday off as well to extend your time off. You’ll have 4 days to take a trip somewhere and you haven’t taken off a substantial amount of time. This method is perfect for the times when you want to go out of town on a whim.

Are you ready to plan your next adventure yet? When you get back to work go ahead and schedule those days to explore. Share this blog post with your coworkers as well. How are we feeling Voyagers? Let me know the first place you are headed after learning these tips. Oh! Don’t forget to sign up for my email newsletter for more travel content. 

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