Travel Etiquette 101: Do’s & Don’t’s During A Flight

Yesterday, I took a flight to Dallas, and I couldn’t help but feel like some people have literally forgotten flight etiquette. So I’m writing this for the sake of reminding everyone that we still have proper etiquette while taking flights. We all know that some of us haven’t flown in a while due to COVID-19, so let’s revisit Travel Etiquette 101: Do’s & Don’t’s During A Flight. This is just a refresher.

Things You Do During A Flight

Be Polite To Passengers & Flight Attendants

Don’t disrespect your fellow passengers and ESPECIALLY your flight attendants. Please don’t be that person. We want everyone to get along on the plane and for you to have a pleasant experience getting to your destination. A little kindness goes a long way. As they say, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”

Keep Items Within Your Area

Nobody likes someone who is unorganized and has their belongings in places that they shouldn’t be. If everyone keeps their belongings in their own space, that makes for a more pleasant experience while flying.

Disinfect Your Area

Due to COVID-19, disinfecting your space is essential. Making sure that your seat, as well as hot touch spots, are clean is a MAJOR point of concern these days. To limit the spread of COVID-19, please disinfect your seat and hot touchpoints.

Things You Don’t Do During A Flight

Wear Highly Fragrant Perfume/Cologne

Highly fragrant perfume/cologne can cause a plethora of issues. Some individuals can be highly allergic or have a reaction to overbearing scents. When flying, please limit the fragrances that you bring on to the plane. Air is recirculated on flights. You may love the way you smell, but others may not.

Eat Highly Fragrant Food/Drinks

The last thing you want to smell is a tuna sandwich that is stinking up the cabin. Airflow is already restricted and you won’t be doing the patrons aboard the plane any favors if we smell your food the entire flight. The air in the cabin is circulated and nobody deserves that. You don’t even deserve that.

Use The Seat In Front of You As A Foot Prop

I’ve heard horror stories about people using other people’s armrest as a foot prop. JUST DON’T DO IT. If you truly want to make someone uncomfortable, do that. Everyone isn’t going to be nice about asking you to remove your foot from their armrest. Not only did you not pay for that armrest, but it’s also truly rude. Do yourself a favor and just DON’T.

Leave Trash

So the majority of the time, there will be a whole new set of passengers that will get on the plane after you. Please be sure to remove any trash that you may have accumulated while en route to your destination. This cuts down on cleaning time for the crew as well as give a little bit more reassurance that the plane has been thoroughly cleaned because they have more time to tend to other cleaning protocols.

Prematurely Leave The Plane

Have you ever saw someone who is at the BACK OF THE PLANE hop up as soon as the door cracks open? Have a seat. Please. Let the patrons of the plane depart accordingly. You are not more important than the next person. Be patient. Everyone has somewhere to go as well and your schedule is not more important than someone else’s. You’ll get off the plane faster if you just wait for your turn. (This excludes people who have VERY CLOSE connections.)

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