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The Dominican Republic Eliminates Mandatory Airport Coronavirus Tests

The Dominican Republic Eliminates Mandatory Airport Coronavirus Tests

The Dominican Republic is making it easier to visit the island.

Tourism officials announced they are dropping the mandatory coronavirus tests to enter the country. 

Starting September 15, visitors will no longer be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Additionally, tourism officials announced that massive tests will not be carried out upon arrival.  Random testing will be conducted instead.

All visitors staying at a hotel during their stay will be granted travel assistance that includes coverage for emergencies, telemedicine, and accommodations and costs for changing flights in the event of an infection.

The Dominican Republic will offer the plan until December 2020.

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According to a statement from the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism, the recovery plan seeks to minimize the pandemic’s effects and promote a responsible recovery that prioritizes health, maximizes the potential for job creation and economic growth.

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