Survey Reveals Where Americans Are Planning To Travel After COVID-19

In a new survey conducted by Expedia, Americans have been eager to get out and explore despite COVID-19 concerns. The demand for travel has become an undeniable presence during the COVID-19 pandemic and people are ready to get their vacation on.

Recent data from Expedia revealed that eight out of the top 10 most searched destinations for flights for July through the end of the year were located in the U.S, as first reported in Travel + Leisure.

Orlando just so happened to be the most searched for destination via Expedia. Las Vegas and Honolulu followed suit shortly after. This just goes to show that people are looking to travel, they just want to explore their own backyard first.

Survey Reveals Where Americans Are Planning To Travel After COVID-19
Bali, Indonesia

There are however some individuals looking to take an international vacation. Expedia users are looking to go to Cancun, which came in at No. 5 on the most searched for flights list, and London, which took the No. 7 spot.

Are you looking to go to any of the locations listed below? If so, your data might have been apart of the survey! I know that I was!

These are the top 10 most searched for destinations for flights, according to Expedia:

  1. Orlando
  2. Honolulu
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Miami
  5. Cancun
  6. Maui
  7. London
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Denver
  10. San Juan

This is the top 10 most searched for destinations for hotels:


  1. Las Vegas
  2. Orlando
  3. Miami
  4. Maui
  5. Oahu
  6. New York
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Vail
  9. Myrtle Beach
  10. Orange County


  1. Playa del Carmen
  2. Cancun
  3. Isla Mujeres
  4. Puerto Vallarta
  5. Los Cabos
  6. Punta Cana
  7. Montego Bay
  8. Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  9. Aruba
  10. Maldives

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