Greece To Open July 1st As It Claims Success Over COVID-19

Travel has come to a halt and many countries still have their borders closed attempting to combat the rise of COVID-19 cases, but Greece claims to have success with preventing additional cases of COVID-19. Greece has announced that they will be opening their borders to “high-end” travelers who can respect social distancing.

Greece To Open July 1st As It Claims Success Over COVID-19

A Rare Success Story

Greece has managed to keep COVID-19 related deaths at or below 150 fatalities. This week, some businesses like hairdressers and bookstores were allowed to re-open for the first time. This signifies that the economy is potentially ready to welcome travelers back to the islands with open arms (just kidding, social distancing is a thing now people).

“The tourism experience this summer may be slightly different from what you’ve had in previous years”

Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of Greece

Opening Up To Tourists

Opening up to tourism inevitably means opening the country up to people potentially carrying the virus, but Mitsotakis hopes current testing regimes can be enhanced to reduce the risk. At the moment, every international traveler is screened for COVID-19 upon arriving in Athens.

This country’s GDP is at least 20% dependent on tourism, double the global average. With over 31 million tourists in 2019, three times its population, Greece has more than doubled its number of visitors in 10 years and billions have been invested in services and infrastructure. At least one in four Greeks works in tourism or related industries.

Yet, there is still no clarity on when international flights will resume — a major concern given 90% of Greece’s tourism revenue comes from international visitors.

Maybe we will have somewhere to vacation after all.

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