Rainbow Vomit: Instagram Gold

Rainbow Vomit

Recently, Melanin Voyage had the opportunity to collaborate with a very popular interactive installation in Dallas, Texas, Rainbow Vomit! We absolutely loved the installation and we cannot wait to show you the stellar shots that we got! We will only be posting a few photos from our visit because we truly want you to take a visit to the establishment! Let’s take a look into Rainbow Vomit.

Visuals Straight Out of A Comic Book

Rainbow Vomit
Pictured: Rainbow Rob

Upon entry to the establishment, you feel like you’ve stepped into a comic book. You are also introduced to Rainbow Rob, one of the co-owners of Rainbow Vomit. He is a true character and someone who truly has a passion for creating one-of-a-kind experiences! He was truly a highlight of the experience.

Photo-Op Perfection

Rainbow Vomit
Pictured Left: Lydia Williams, Lead Photographer of Melanin Voyage
Pictured Right: Pre’Knechia Carter-Stokes, Founder of Melanin Voyage
Photo Credit: Diaography, LLC

Every room in Rainbow Vomit has a particular theme. Each is unique and has the capability of placing you into a different world! I do recommend that you dress according to the look that you want to project in these photos.

Referencing Pop Art Style

Rainbow Vomit
Pictured: Pre’Knechia Carter-Stokes, Founder of Melanin Voyage

Pop Art style is heavily an influence in the installation. Everywhere you look there is a photo-op for you to participate in! There are never ending opportunities to give a different perspective in different scenes. You may also change clothing at the installation as well. So get your model on!

Hidden Mystery of Rainbow Vomit

  • Rainbow Vomit

There is a secret room in Rainbow Vomit that you must find to get the shots referenced above. (No I won’t tell you where it is, but pay attention!) Inside this room is an Instagram lovers dream especially if you love dreamy pops of color and clouds.


Rainbow Vomit
Left: Rainbow Rob
Right: Pre’Knechia Carter-Stokes, Founder of Melanin Voyage

Rainbow Vomit is one of those places that I would visit over and over again, with different outfits of course! The establishment is so entertaining and super interactive. A super big thanks to Rainbow Vomit for having us and we will be back, with outfit changes! 🙂

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