Waft of the World Candle “New Orleans”


To me, New Orleans equals great food and easy living. During my time in New Orleans, a sense of belonging serenaded my soul. I fell in love with Praline candy and New Orleans’s strong sense of culture that thrived in the city. This candle is a tribute to that.


Top: Caramelized Sugar, Sea Salt, OZone, and Citrus
Middle: Brown Sugar, Pecan, Hazelnut, Butter, Sandalwood, and Benzoin
Base: Caramel, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Amber, Dark Musk, Cedar, and Powder


The Waft of the World Series

I have been to many places, but these destinations have truly captured my heart in a way that I can’t explain. My love for candles and travel has been wrapped up flawlessly in the Waft of the World Series presented by The Melanin Voyage in collaboration with P. Ja’Nae Design LLC, a custom home decor and lifestyle brand. These hand-poured premium candles have custom blended fragrances that you won’t find anywhere else. Come and experience my perspective of destinations that have influenced my view of the world so much that I had to make a candle that reminds me of that particular destination.

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  • Handpoured Candle
  • Highly Fragrant
  • 9.5 oz of wax




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