Our Annual Traveler’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020

The holidays are here! Our team at Melanin Voyage has curated a list of travel gifts for that very special traveler in your life! We have something for everyone and every budget on this list! We hope that this gift guide helps you in some type of way. If it was helpful for you, please make sure you share! Also make sure you join our black travel community on Facebook here. We’d love to have you!

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a game-changer. The organization has never been better with these amazing cubes. With the packing cubes, everything is in its place and when you need something, you can go right to the cube and pull it out without disturbing anything else. 

Get Some Packing Cubes here.

Portable Charger

Our Annual Traveler's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Nobody likes a dead device. You need your phone, laptop, or other devices to actually get things done on the go, and how can that happen when you don’t have the power? Make sure you pick up a source of power on Amazon.

Pick Up My Personal Fave here.

Passport Holder/Travel Wallet

A passport holder is a must when you travel. Everything will be organized and you can reach for your immediate items in a snap. The things that I keep on hand in my passport holder are my boarding passes, one or two credit/debit cards, and my actual ID (with my passport of course). If you need to make any purchases, show ID, or pull your boarding pass to find your way it’s all there for you. A travel wallet also does the same exact thing. There are slots for credit/debit cards. There is also a place to put your boarding pass and passport. Both useful and both take substantial stress out of the logistics of travel. 

The one that I use is here. 

Neck Pillow

There is nothing like a good nap on the way to your destination or a wind-down session after you’ve been sprinting through the airport to catch your flight. A neck pillow can surely help with that. 

The neck pillow that I use can be found here. 

Travel Shoe Bags

Having your dirty shoes touch your clean clothes is completely disgusting frankly, and if you don’t have any travel shoe bags your contributing to a not-so-clean habit. Travel shoe bags keep your shoes separated from your clothing and keeps everything compact and together. 

Pick up a couple of bags here.

TSA Approved Luggage Locks 

Theft is the last thing someone would want to deal with on a trip. Although, if you check a bag that doesn’t mean that it won’t be exposed to theft. Make sure you get some TSA Approved Luggage Locks. You can never be too careful. 

Grab a few here.

Mobile Hotspot 

Our Annual Traveler's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Internet signals aren’t strong everywhere. To combat the lagging internet service, pick up your own Mobile HotSpot. A mobile hotspot is a great thing to have when you do business on the go or in my instance, a blogger/content creator/business owner on the go. The internet strength is amazing and it saves you a headache when searching for a wi-fi signal.

Get the mobile hotspot that I use here.

Universal Power Adapter 

Our Annual Traveler's Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Have you ever been on vacation with someone and you are constantly fighting for a plug? I know myself and between my camera equipment, my phone, and other devices, finding a plug can be a hassle. I always make sure to bring a universal power adapter along on my journey. This ensures that all my devices have a place to charge and I don’t have to worry about rotating the devices around. 

The Power Adapter I use is here.  


I was on a flight from DC about a couple of weeks ago and a crying baby boarded the plane. Honestly, before this point with all the traveling that I do, I never expected to run into a crying baby. Crazy right? There is never a point where there was one on my flight. This experience has truly made me realize how essential earplugs are for peace and quiet. 

Pick up a few pairs here

Sleep Mask 

Similar to the earplugs, a sleep mask is essential to making sure you get some good rest on a flight. It’s simple, a sleep mask is something that you need, especially for long haul flights. 

The Perfect Sleepmask is here. 

Portable Humidifier 

The air in your destination may not be all that great. Although it is outside of your usual air quality, sometimes the air can be harsh on your lungs. An air humidifier can help with the transition of that process. 

The perfect one that I use is here.

Life Straw 

Clean water is something that everyone needs to keep their body hydrated and in balance. Believe it or not though, not every place has clean drinking water that you will be traveling to. This is why you need a life straw. The body can only go so many days without water. Make sure you always have a way to get fresh drinking water.

Pick up the Lifestraw here.

Check out my blog post, “Saving Money To Travel Without Credit Cards”

Electronic Cable Organizing Bag

Cords are something so simple to lose on a trip, but that one simple thing can turn into a huge inconvenience when you can’t find it to charge your device. With a cable organizing bag, it keeps all your cords tidy and in place. You need one, there is no way around it. Unless you use bag ties.

Get the bag here.

Xenovo Pro Lens Kit 

Getting that perfect shot on vacation is a real thing. If you didn’t get a picture it never happened right? The Xenovo Pro Lens Kit gets your DSLR grade photographs sure to impress the ‘gram. (follow me on Instagram here, shameless plug) All you have to do is clip the lens to the back of your phone and you are sure to produce amazing photos.

Get The Lens Here.

With all of these amazing finds on Amazon, your trip is sure to be less complicated than ever before. Make sure you leave a comment below about some items you’ve gotten off of Amazon that are must-haves for travel. Oh! Don’t forget to sign up for my email newsletter for more travel content. 

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