Instagram Gold: The Museum of Ice Cream

Instagram Gold: The Museum of Icecream

What is it Instagram Gold?

Instagram Gold is a place/area/attraction where you can get killer Instagram shots.

Imstagram Gold: The Museum of Icecream

What is the Museum of Icecream?

The Museum of Icecream had humble beginnings in 2017 in Manhattan, New York. Over a few years, the MOIC brand has transformed into something that is an Instagrammer’s dream. The Museum includes some of the most interesting and unique photo-op areas in the nation right now. The majority (if not all) of the installations in the museum become backdrops for your favorite influencers’ selfie sessions. The MOIC also offers tastings throughout the tour of icecream and other sweet treats.

Museum of Ice Cream transforms concepts and dreams into spaces that provoke imagination and creativity.

The Museum of Icecream
Must See In The Museum
  • The Sprinkle Pool
  • MTA inspired “Celestial Subway” (New York)
  • Giant Beehive
Instagram Gold: The Museum of Icecream

Why is the MOIC Instagram Gold?

With it’s interactive, imaginative, multi-sensory installations, the Museum of Icecream is something that you have to see and document. The bright and fun color palettes of the museum are an insta photographer/influencers’ dream.

We believe in creating beautiful and shareable environments that foster IRL interaction and URL connections, providing fun, multi-sensorial expressions of ice cream that cater to the appetites of our generation.

The Museum of Icecream

How Much Does It Cost?

In San Francisco, the cost of admission is $38. In New York, the cost of admission is $39. Kids under 2 are free. If you love a stellar Instagram photo-op, the price doesn’t matter to you anyway.

Imstagram Gold: The Museum of Icecream

When Can I Visit The Museum?

The New York location will be in service from DECEMBER 14 – MAY 31. You must purchase tickets for the museum ahead of time though. Although according to Fast Company, the MOIC is installing a permanent location in New York. So this might be a solid thing. As far as the time it takes to journey through the MOIC experience, according to the website:

“We only allow a set number of guests at a time, so you’ll have plenty of time to engage with all the installations. Most guests spend around an hour and a half to journey through the experience.”

The Museum of Icecream

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How Can I Get There?

You can get to the Museum of Icecream by driving or flying in. If you want to fly into New York, arrive at John F. Kennedy or LaGuardia Airport. As far as the San Fransisco location, you’ll fly into the San Fransisco Airport.


Are you going to visit the MOIC to get those insta-worthy shots? Chime in below. Have you been before? Is it worth it?


Instagram Gold: The Museum of Icecream
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