Magical Travel Moments We Miss

Magical Travel Moments We Miss

Things sure do seem to be pretty restrictive right now with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, but I’d rather talk about some of the things that we all seem to be missing. There are some travel moments that we’ve seemed to have taken for granted. Let’s reminisce about those travel moments that seem to be missing in our lives currently.

Magical Travel Moments We Miss

Scanning the Boarding Pass

Scanning your boarding pass is a moment that officially signifies that you are on vacation. Scanning the pass pushes you through to TSA Checkpoint and on to your flight terminal. Don’t we just love the feeling and sound of that boarding pass being scanned? This is an essential part apart of the magical travel moments we miss.

The Welcome Drink

Getting off your flight and being welcomed with am ice-cold drink at your destination makes you feel like royalty. Those welcome drinks truly do have something special in them that makes you feel like you’ve reached paradise.

Laying Eyes on an Iconic Landmark for the First Time

You can imagine exactly what a landmark would look like time and time again, but nothing compares to actually laying your eyes on it for the first time. When you finally see it, that is something that you can never erase out of your mind. It is truly a moment in time.

Magical Travel Moments We Miss

Sampling the Local Food

Eating food locally is truly a magical experience and something that you just can’t experience anywhere else unless you’re a native. Local food is apart of the travel experience and you can’t have a successful trip without trying at least one local dish.

Getting a Passport Stamp

If you don’t get a stamp, did you actually go? Passport stamps are super important to travelers and counts as a souvenir for some. A passport stamp is something unique to each destination that you can look back on and smile.

Magical Travel Moments We Miss

Setting Sights on a Skyline

I don’t know about you, but I live for a skyline. I love to be able to see a skyline of a destination because no skyline is the same. Each skyline is compromised of different skyscrapers and iconic landmarks, which makes seeing a skyline even more special.

Waking Up to Sensational Scenery

There is nothing like waking up to something unfamiliar. Waking up in a different place can give you a special boost of energy to get out and explore.

Making Travel Friends

Although you may have made contact with people before you have embarked on your journey, there is something unique about meeting people in your destination unexpectedly. If you just so happen to meet anyone, it makes your experience in a destination even more extraordinary because you have a local to show you the ropes.

Buying Trip Outfits

You have to get your outfits in order to snap the perfect vacation pic to share with all of your friends and family. You make sure to buy the perfect jeans, dress, or bathing suit to get your photo shoot started. Vacation outfits are important, to say the least.

Diving into Pre-Trip Research

Once you’ve decided to visit a certain destination, the travel planning begins! This is the most exciting part of the trip because you get to see all of the things that a destination has to offer. You get to plan your must-do and must-see things and imagine how the destination might actually be. It gives you a sense of excitement that you can’t compare to anything else.

Magical Travel Moments We Miss

Snapping the Perfect Pic

That one iconic photo that you snap on vacation stays with you for the rest of your life. It’s what you show your kids, grandkids, friends, and family. It has to be up to a certain level of perfection. This photograph makes the statement, “I’ve been here, I am here, and I’m on vacation.”

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