Everything You Need to Know About Flying With Low-Cost Airlines

Flying with low-cost airlines can have it’s positive and negative aspects. Low-cost airlines are known to get you from point A to point B for the low, but is it really worth it? Stay tuned as I tell you Everything You Need to Know About Flying With Low-Cost Airlines.

Low Cost = Minimal Luxury

When flying with low-cost airlines, you have to sacrifice luxury. The luxuries of having snacks and hot towel service are behind you. The airlines try to cut costs by not having these services in-flight. Also, because of the low-cost of the fare, they attempt to upcharge on things like bottles of water and seat upgrades when applicable. The most you would get would be a semi-comfortable seat and a safe flight. Nothing more, nothing less. Not offering high-cost features like in-flight entertainment, headphones, and reclining seats allow airlines to keep their costs low.

Will Get You Places For Low Cost

Non-stop flights to destinations are known to get you there quickly and for a reduced price. Most budget airlines profit off of quick and direct flights. Although the high-cost features aren’t included, you barely miss them on a flight that is short.

Everything You Need to Know About Flying With Low-Cost Airlines

Check The Fees!

Low-cost airlines are notorious for charging for any and everything. They charge fees for things so that they can make more of a profit. For example, failure to print your boarding passes can result in a hefty fee for a piece of paper to board a plane! I always recommend that before and after you book your flight, look at the airlines’ official website for their fee schedule. You will find a lot of useful information about bag fees and more. Food and drink are not free on budget flights, which is no problem on short hops. On longer flights, budget airlines provide blankets, entertainment sets, and hot meals all for a fee. If you’ve thought ahead, you can save on all of these costs. If you go into the situation prepared, those fees won’t cost you.

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Limited Reserved Seating

On some low-cost airlines, you have the option to upgrade for a fee to one of the more “comfortable” seats. This comes at a premium, of course, but it could make your flight a tad bit more comfortable. From experience, investing in the “premium” seats was worth it. Priority boarding usually comes with the upgrade when purchasing a better seat. Others who don’t purchase a seat will more than likely be assigned at check-in or the gate.

Maximizing On Using A Personal Bag

Another way to avoid fees is by using a personal item instead of checking a bag or having carry-on luggage. On low-cost airlines, they typically charge for both of these items, but you can choose to use a personal item to cut down on costs. When I fly low-cost, I typically use my Coach Duffle Bag and go from there. The duffle is perfect for those weekend getaways.

Happy Low-Cost Flying!


Everything You Need to Know About Flying With Low-Cost Airlines
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