KEEP CALM! Tips For Remaining Zen During Your Flights

Some people don’t get their wings willingly, and sometimes it takes more courage than others to book a flight and actually show up to depart. On my very first flight, I was so nervous! I thought that nothing could take the cake when it came to flying and how unsettling it was to me. For those who have a first flight approaching or those who still have fear of flying, I’ve come up with a few tips to help you get over your flight anxiety and keep calm during your flights! 

KEEP CALM! Tips For Remaining Zen During Your Flights
skin care items

Skin Care

Nothing says relaxation like a good facial mask. Just sitting back, relaxing, and letting the mask do the work is one of the most satisfying things. It really brings you peace, not only that, but it gives you time to cater to your skin on those dry flights. Flying can really do some things to your skin, so it is important to make sure that you look your best getting on your flight as well as getting off your flight! An in-flight facial mask can work wonders for your worries and your skin! This is my full-proof way to keep calm during flights. Here is my favorite one.


This should be apart of every frequent flyer arsenal and should be kept on hand like Tylenol or eye drops! Melatonin can be a lifesaver for those long haul flights, and help get you some much-needed rest during your flight. If it doesn’t put you to sleep (I’ve had this happen before) it does help you relax substantially! Melatonin is a great thing to have when you have flight jitters and need a little extra help calming down and relaxing. The brand I use is here.

KEEP CALM! Tips For Remaining Zen During Your Flights
essential oils

Essential Oils

These are for more than adding fragrance to your home and other aspects. Certain essential oils have qualities that help you reach a realm of zen. Oils like Lavender and Eucalyptus are perfect for flights because they have qualities that calm you. Wafting the essential oils around your nose or dabbing a bit on your temples or a little under your nose can take your flight jitters from a 9 to a 3! This is perfect for those not so long flights! It works fairly quickly and does wonders! Here is the perfect set that I use.

Arrive Early

Arriving Early can help you do a couple of things. Running through the airport because you are late for your flight causes unnecessary stress and can take your flight from bearable to unbearable. Just imagine being sweaty and bothered walking on to a plane with no time to calm down and collect your thoughts so that you can have a stress-free flight. It’s not fun, at all. Arriving early gives you the time to collect your thoughts and wind-down before departure. 

Avoid Caffeine

I know it’s totally the thing to do when you get to the airport, but if you have flight jitters, PLEASE AVOID THE CAFFEINE! Beverages containing caffeine can stimulate and increase anxiety and add a bit of nervousness. Having that morning coffee break is the absolute last thing that you want to do, especially if you plan on trying my little Melatonin trick to ease your stress. Use that sleepiness to your advantage! Pair it with the melatonin and you will be good! Keep calm during your flights and you’ll be ready to unwind in your vacation destination in no time.

Just remember that everyone can be nervous about a new challenge, but it’s how you prepare for that challenge that makes a world of a difference!

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