Travel Wishlist: The Jose Cuervo Express

Travel Wishlist: The Jose Cuervo Express

Tequila anyone? The Jose Cuervo Express is taking people on Tequila Tours in Tequila, Jalisco, México, and I’m here for it! Have you ever heard of the Jose Cuervo Express? If not, I’m definitely going to give you all the details including why it’s on my wishlist, location, and cost.

Visit The Jose Cuervo Express!

What Is The Jose Cuervo Express?

Producing tequila since 1795, Jose Cuervo has been a pioneer in the adult beverage industry for over two centuries. They have rightly earned their self-proclaimed title as, “The Number One Tequila in the World,” and hasn’t lacked on quality since. The Jose Cuervo Express is a tour that Jose Cuervo takes you on so that you can see the process of creating tequila as well as a tasting tour.

The train will take you to the Magical Town of Tequila, where a full day of activities is prepared for everyone. We begin with a visit to La Rojeña®, our distillery. Then there will be games, music, food and entertainment. Enjoy a day that you will remember forever. 

Jose Cuervo Express

Why Is This On The Travel Wishlist?

The tours are limited and it is a unique experience. I figure why not see how tequila is made because it is apart of the “adult beverage” experience. I love to see the origins of things and the tour has been highly rated. This is a unique experience that isn’t offered everywhere because Jose Cuervo is native to Mexico. Jose Cuervo is used worldwide and remains a staple on someone’s bar shelf even for over 250 years. Self-proclaimed as the number one tequila in the world, Jose Cuervo isn’t new to this, they are true to this tequila game.

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Travel Wishlist: The Jose Cuervo Express

What Is The Cost?

The cost of the tour varies. There are quite a few options that are available for the tour, however, all of them seem to be reasonably priced for the amount of time and what you get for the tour. I have converted the cost of the tour from pesos below.

When Can I Take The Tour?

The Jose Cuervo Express runs on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday. You can schedule your tour here. The Jose Cuervo Express offers sunrise and sunset tours. I will say that the tours quickly sell out, so book as soon as possible! Kind of fun to drink tequila at the crack of dawn huh? You know what they say, it’s always happy hour somewhere!

How Can I Get There?

You can get there by flying into Guadalajara International Airport. This airport is the closest to the Jose Cuervo Express. However, you could drive as well if you are more of a road trip type of person!


Will you be taking the tour? Let me know about your plans below. I just might join you!


Travel Wishlist: The Jose Cuervo Express
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