Intangible: The Sweet Tooth Hotel Photo-Op

Sweet Tooth Hotel Dallas, TX

During Melanin Voyage’s trip to Dallas in June, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Sweet Tooth Hotel and view their recently opened Intangible installment. We checked in with Becca, reviewed the installment rules, and welcomed us with open arms into the installment. Here’s our take on Intangible!

Sweet Tooth Hotel

Vivid Bright Colors

If you love colorful backdrops and yarn, Sweet Tooth is the place to be. The backdrops make for beautiful and vivid Instagram additions to your feed. The installation is composed of several different rooms with different lighting and props.

Unique Yarn and Patterns

One of our favorite areas of Sweet Tooth Hotel is the “Be Yourself, No One Else Can” installation, which was a bright pretty pink and perfect for getting those “best friend” shots or individual shots for Instagram!

Diverse Artistic Style

The installation has many rooms that are themed differently. For example, this room was dark and moody which made for some amazing glamor shots! Each room in the Sweet Tooth Hotel has its own unique and diverse artistic style. Perfect for creating different color schemes on your Instagram feed.


  • Sweet Tooth Hotel

If you love yarn and bright colors, visiting the Sweet Tooth Hotel should be in your future! The Sweet Tooth Hotel also has a bar and it is pretty nice! A big thanks to Sweet Tooth Hotel for collaborating with Melanin Voyage and allowing us the chance to view the newly opened Intangible installation!

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