Save On Baggage Fees: How-To Travel With A Carry-On Only

How To Travel With Carry-On Only

I know that traveling with a carry-on seems like a task for some individuals but it is easier than you think. Overpacking is a real thing and most of the things that you pack, you never wear anyway! I’ve had this happen. I never realize it until I’m packing up to return home from a trip. Let’s discuss how to travel with a carry-on only and the items you need to make this a reality! All you really need is a good carry-on plan, a few items, and great luggage. 

We all need to realize that we really just need items that are versatile and able to complete different looks. From the day looks to night looks, getting a couple of essential pieces can give you a lifetime membership to the coveted “Carry-On” gang! 

Save On Baggage Fees: How-To Travel With A Carry-On Only


An essential piece of equipment you need in your arsenal is PACKING CUBES. Packing Cubes are so amazing. I can’t express enough how important they are to a carry-on only traveler. It keeps your clothing organized, compact, and easily able to be switched around if need be! Amazon has plenty of options available and for a reasonable price! Packing Cubes help you pack more than you could if you packed your clothing directly in the suitcase. Packing Cube sets also come with pouches to place your travel-size toiletries in as well. PACKING CUBES is the most important thing you can buy to perfect your carry-on game!


Travel-sized containers cut down on the extra containers on your trip. Putting your body wash, gels, and other liquid toiletries in a travel size container give you so much more space than you would if you packed all your bottles and containers. However, you can find travel size containers online through retailers like Amazon, eBay, and physical retailers like Walmart, Target, etc. They can run anywhere from $0.50 to $3 (from what I’ve seen) Place all your liquids and gels in these containers and you’ll be well on your way to traveling easier!

360 Degree WHEELS!

I cannot express to you how important it is to have a carry-on with 360 wheels. I’ve been running through the airport with a suitcase with only two wheels and I struggled. A suitcase with 360 wheels is a lifesaver! Moreover, you can maneuver the suitcase whichever way you need to with ease. I usually place my backpack or carry-on bag on top of my carry-on and push it through the airport with ease! It makes my transition through the airport virtually stress-free. I can just push my carry-on through the airport, TSA and right on the plane! I love a good piece of luggage and I can honestly say this is something you NEED to make travel a breeze! Here is the one I use.

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All of your in-flight essentials like cell-phones, chargers, snacks, and other items should go inside of your personal item! Most airlines let you have one personal item and a carry-on (please read baggage protocol on each airline and pack accordingly) to bring on the plane. Therefore, maximize on this! Pack all the items that you need to keep close to you in your personal item. I also suggest packing an extra change of clothing just in case you rip your pants at the airport (that may or may not have happened to me) and you are prepared for whatever. Use your personal item for whatever you desire, but make sure you maximize your packing efforts!

I hope you invest in these items to make travel easier. Travel is something that one must do at some point in their lives, so why not take necessary measures to make your trip a breeze! 

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