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So you want to hire our services?

Hi! If we didn’t tell you already, welcome to The Melanin Voyage and we have services for hire. We are travel & lifestyle bloggers from different locations around the United States of America. Each perspective from our travel writers produces different, unique and captivating content.

We have extensive experience in documenting memorable travel experiences and well as travel writing. We create blogs for aspiring bloggers as well. We have a true talent for bringing destinations and topics to life with lenses and words.

Press Trips/FAM Trips

We are available for Press & FAM Trips. We love to explore a destination of your choosing and write and film stellar content. We love visiting places with unique experiences and culture. Every piece of content that we curate is custom and unique. We have the equipment (DSLRs, Drones, etc.) and talent to bring destinations to life through lenses and words.

Hire Me

Freelance Writing & Editing

Do you need an article or piece of work written for your blog or website?

Melanin Voyage can help you with that! Our work is informative and has a way with readers. We love to put personality into every piece that we write. Each piece is unique and original. Enlist our services for one article/work or we can be frequent writers for you. You have the freedom to have our expertise on demand.

Blog Advising & Creation

Do you want to start a blog but you don’t know where to begin?

We got you. We love creating beautiful & functional websites for fellow bloggers. Nothing makes you feel like you can take on the blogging universe like a beautifully set up blog. We want to set you up for success! In addition, we can help you with getting your blog set up, as well as set up a domain-specific email address for an extra touch of professionalism.

Most of all, we can provide advising on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Pinterest Marketing, and creating killer content that gets you noticed! After being bloggers for multiple years, we’ve learned quite a few things and I’d love to share that information with you. Let us teach you how to build your blog to make money for you. Let us teach you what we know after extensive research spanned over several years.

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