Top 6 Tips for Booking A Flight in 2020

Looking for flights can honestly be daunting. This is why I’m writing today to give my tips for booking a flight in 2020. Especially when you don’t know where to start. It can be overwhelming to look at flights and wonder, “Man this is stressful. Am I getting a good deal? Am I booking in enough time? Could there possibly be cheaper flights out there?” 

I used to be that same exact way until I got tired of being a Flight Booking Rookie. I pulled up my bootstraps and started to utilize everything around me. 

Keep reading for my top 6 tips for booking CHEAP flights!


You ever notice when you look at a flight at 4 PM in the afternoon and then look at it again at 8 PM that night and you notice the price is significantly HIGHER? It’s because your computer, as well as the website, are tracking your movements and search for information. They know that you are serious about purchasing a flight, so they up the price to make a higher profit. To avoid this hike in price difference, just use your incognito browser! The incognito browser will block any tracking of your movement and that will result in your searches being accurate and fair! 

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Ahhhh, Google Flights. My best friend. My go-to when I’m starting my daunting flight search. Google Flights is just one of those resources that you absolutely must have in your arsenal in order to not go completely nuts while looking for a flight. Google Flights compiles all of the airlines’ fares in one user-friendly interface! Its integration is flawless and it also provides you with the more expensive and least expensive times to fly! That feature is a game-changer, simply because you don’t have to click back and forth between sites when it’s all there. With all the information there for comparison, Google Flights sure makes booking a breeze. 


I cannot even tell you how many people I run into that become so frustrated at trying to find last minute flights. I know, I know, life can be uncertain. BUT! What if that projected time comes, and you have nothing going on? You could’ve been on a flight! But the great thing about booking ahead of time is that you risk less. What I mean by that is that when you book ahead of time, the flights are CHEAPER. Why pay $350 for a flight 2 weeks from departure, when 6-8 weeks ago, you could’ve booked that same flight for $150? 


Flights going down, ON A TUESDAY! No seriously. Flights are significantly cheaper on a Tuesday! I cannot count the times where I’ve booked on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday the price had gone up to $100-$150 THE NEXT DAY! TUESDAYS, just keep that in mind. Try your hardest to book on THAT day. 


Plenty of airlines, especially during the summer, have amazing sales on airfare. Frontier Airlines has sales almost every other week. Southwest usually has sales for weekday flights and Delta always has airfare coupled with Delta Vacations that discount airfare significantly. SPIRIT AIRLINES, (make sure you read the fine print) they have SUPER CHEAP FARES! Just make sure you take advantage of that and have that extra money set off on the side for those pop-up sales! 

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Anyone should know this, but, booking a weekday flight is so much cheaper than booking a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday flight. It works the same for hotels too. Just make sure you book a weekday flight because, for one, the airports are less busy as well as the airlines. This comes at an advantage because some airlines might give you a complimentary upgrade. I’ve had that happen quite a few times, and trust me IT IS AMAZING when it happens. 

Well! Those are my top 6 tips for booking cheap flights! I hope you gained some insight about booking flights and taking the frustration out of the process! If this blog post helped you in any way, please share and make sure you subscribe to my email list! 

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