Blends Daiquiri Lounge: The Place To Be in Dallas, Texas

It’s not every day when you find an establishment that has the perfect mix of entertainment, food, and libations, but it seems like Blends Daiquiri Lounge in Dallas, Texas has mastered the trifecta. We sat down with the owner, Tiashia Underwood of the lounge, and gained a better understanding of Blends and it’s humble beginnings as well as it’s importance in the Dallas community.

Inspiration Behind Blends

In the early development of Blends, Tiashia knew that she wanted to bring her southern roots to the forefront of the image of the restaurant. Cajun flavor and the fun and lively atmosphere of Lousiana is what she grew up on, and she knew that she wanted others to experience that. She wanted to create an atmosphere that reminded her of home.

“I wanted to bring a blend of Daiquiris and Lousiana culture to Dallas, which is how I came up with the name, “Blends”.”

Tiashia Underwood – Owner, Blends Daiquiri Lounge
Tiashia Underwood, Owner

Tiashia Underwood, Southern Bread, Lousiana Fed

Tiashia Underwood is the owner of the Blends establishment and we couldn’t help but notice how much pride she has for her business. (Blends is owned by a husband and wife duo, but he wants his wife to have the shine) A Louisiana native (Monroe to be exact), and raised in the country, Mrs. Underwood decided to bring the best of both worlds and infuse them into what we know now as Blends Daiquiri Lounge. But don’t be mistaken, Tiashia doesn’t only have Blends as her go-to, she also has a degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Her prior education has been ultimately put to great use because Blends is a thriving establishment that will make you come back time and time again.

This is our first baby, and we are branching out to other business ventures.

Tiashia Underwood

Libations Lead The Way

Blends signature daiquiris are truly the star of the show. The establishment has an unbelievable amount of daiquiri machines, more than one person could want! The selection is amazing and trust us, the quality is even more outstanding. Make sure that you sip slow and truly enjoy the taste of the drinks. If you are the designated driver, make sure you take your time.

Feel Good Food, Louisiana Style

Although daiquiris are the main focus of the establishment, the food does not lack quality and taste in the least! The selection on the menu truly does have something for everyone. From chicken wings to fresh flavorful seafood including fish, shrimp, and more, Blends food menu alone could have you there on a regular basis. Some of their overlooked, but amazing items include the salads and wraps. Let’s talk about facts to back up our opinion on how outstanding the menu is. During COVID-19, Blends has seen an increase in take-out orders that have almost doubled since closing to take-out only.

Blends Entertainment & Events

As we took a tour around the lounge, we surely noticed the event space that would make for a great night out. The event space at Blends is super spacious and definitely has space and the layout to do a multitude of events. (Those in the DFW area should definitely look into hosting an event here, for sure.) We asked Tiashia what type of events they hold at Blends, and she smiled at her Social Media Coordinator Raque.

“We do comedy events, Trap-and-Paint, Silent Parties, Karaoke, and so much more. We had so much planned before COVID, but trust us, we are coming back strong!”

Tiashia Underwood, Owner – Blends Daiquiri Lounge

In addition to the many event Blend’s hosts, they also have an in-house hookah lounge, with an assortment of shisha flavors to choose from. Hookah, food, and daiquiris with friends seems like an ideal night!

Reflections On Business

We asked Tiashia what she has learned about serving the general public since the opening of Blends, and she stated that she has truly started to understand how varying personalities help her establishment become greater. She insists that customer service is a major key to making her lounge stand out amongst other lounges and restaurants alike. She has also made it a goal of hers to help her community understand the logistics of actually running a business. Along with understanding her customer base, Tiashia understands that collaboration with her community, and understanding her customer base will always be a big part of the Blends brand.

Advice For Up & Coming Entrepreneurs

“Sometimes, things can become overwhelming. When you start to feel overwhelmed, just take a step back.” Tiashia stated this with seriousness. I could tell that she was speaking from experience. She also had two more important tips, “Find your tribe, people that you can trust,” and, “educate yourself in business.”

Pictured From Left to Right
Pre’Knechia Carter-Stokes (Founder of Melanin Voyage)
Tiashia Underwood (Owner of Blends Daiquiri Lounge)
Raquel Pilar (Social Media Coordinator for Blends Daiquiri Lounge)
Lydia Williams (Lead Photographer for Melanin Voyage)

Contact Info, Location & Hours of Operation

Address: 2810 E. Trinity Mills Rd Ste 145 Carrollton, TX 75006

Phone: (972) 512-8075


Instagram: @blendsdaiquiri

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Wednesday
4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Friday & Saturday
11:00 am – 1:00 am
Sunday: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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