Black Owned Wineries You Have To Visit

Black Owned Wineries You Have To See

In the world of wineries, competition is steep. Starting in the wine business can cost you upwards of $1,000,000 to get your very first case sold. The cost of starting a winery is a pretty penny. But, there are thriving wineries that are black-owned, in competitive wine-producing regions, and showing true resilience. Some of these successful wineries actually offer tours! Let’s talk about Black Owned Wineries You Have To Visit.

Brown Estate

Black Owned Wineries You Have To Visit

Brown Estate Vineyards is the first and only Black-owned estate winery in California’s Napa Valley. The Brown Estate officially labeled themselves in 1996 after the kids of the Brown Estate decided that they wanted to start making their own wine. The very first bottle of wine was Brown Zin. The Brown Downtown Napa tasting room offers tastings, unfortunately, the Brown Estate Winery is reserved for members only. They have three memberships available for purchase: The California Club, The Library Club, and The Estate Club.

Charles Wine Company

Black Owned Wineries You Have To Visit

Charles Wine Company is located in the Lodi Appellation of California. As of right now, the company only produces 500 cases of wine annually. Some may look at this as a small amount, this makes the wine even more special. Cabernet and Zinfandel are some of the first wines that they started to produce. With inspiration from many countries and regions, they had the opportunity to taste great wines around the world, which lead them to the varietals they wanted to develop.

We’re a small, boutique, family wine affair with the purpose to under promise and over deliver in every aspect of how we engage in the world of wine.

Charles Wine Company

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters is located in Lynedoch, South Africa. The “Seven Sisters” wine brand started in 2005 by Vivian Kleynhans in the quest to change their destiny and to build a legacy for her family. She is actually a self-taught wine entrepreneur. The Seven Sisters specialties are Chardonnay and Shiraz.

Abbey Creek Vineyard

Bertony Faustin – Abbey Creek Vineyard

This winery is actually located away from your traditional California roots and based in North Plains, Oregan. In 2008 Bertony Faustin became the 1st recorded black winemaker in Oregon. He plants the vines, tends to them, harvests the fruit, makes the wine and sells every bottle. Bertony’s self-taught, hands-on approach allows him to be involved in the winemaking process from soil to glass. Abbey Creek Vineyard does offer wine tastings. North Plains tasting room is everything but your typical wine tasting room. The tasting room offers hip hop playing over the speakers, wine production happening on-site, all while maintaining a relaxed and candid vibe throughout the room.

Have you visited any of these black-owned wineries? Do you know of any others? Let me know your experience below.

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