5 Reasons Why AirBnB Is Better Than A Hotel

5 Reasons Why Airbnb Is Better Than A Hotel

Since 2014, Airbnb has been something truly unique to me. Airbnb brings a certain unique aspect to travel that has been attempted to be duplicated, but never to perfection the way that the Airbnb platform has. Airbnb has a way of bringing different cultures and experiences together, which is why the brand is as huge as it is today. Let’s talk about five reasons why an AirBnB experience is better than a hotel.

There is an undeniable feeling when it comes to AirBnBs and what they have to offer. I’ve always felt like hotels or resorts were cold and lacked an important aspect to me which is culture. I always felt like an outsider in a place that I was visiting. That feeling stopped once I started to utilize Airbnb

5 Reasons Why AirBnB Is Better Than A Hotel

Placing You In The Culture

When you book an Airbnb, you have the potential to actually see the culture and experiences that people go through every single day. When you are invited into someone’s home that actually lives in the destination you are in, explores the space to see what type of interior influences the culture has on that person. You also get to see family dynamics and how your host lives their day to day life.

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More Space

When it comes to AirBnBs, technically speaking, the space you get in an Airbnb could definitely be more than you’d get when you stay in a hotel. Sometimes, you could have an entire house to yourself and it wouldn’t even compare to a boxed-in hotel room. You have more room to stretch out after a long day of exploring. 

Cost: It’s Cheaper

When it comes to AirBnBs, technically speaking, the cost of an AirBnB is more than likely cheaper than one night’s stay at a hotel. There have been plenty of times when I booked an Airbnb and the total cost of my stay, was the total cost of one night at a hotel. Crazy right? 

A Genuine Local Experience, From A Local

Every time, it never fails, every Airbnb host has always given me a guide to the city. They tell me the best places to eat, see, and explore. The tips that they give me mean a lot simply because a local’s opinion is typically the best opinion. Those who are top tier AirBnB hosts, welcome you with open arms and tell you these things with no problem. When you get information from a local, it truly gives you a tailored experience rather than one that has been prepackaged in a touristy way. You discover those hidden gems that most tourists miss. 

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Unique Accommodations

Have you ever stayed in a penthouse suite? What about a treehouse? Have you ever stayed on a yacht? No? Well, AirBnB can provide those types of unique experiences that bring you closer to that destination. When you go on vacation or a trip, you want to experience something unique that you can’t get back in your hometown. How cool is it to say that you stayed in a penthouse in Miami and you had a view of downtown that was absolutely STUNNING. AirBnB provides that unique factor if you want it, or they can provide simple accommodations if you are on a budget. The platform has something for everyone. 

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Airbnb is Better

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