6 Must-Visit Places in the South

6 Must-Visit Places in the South

The South holds a place in my heart that I could never replace. There are destinations in the South that have to be seen, and frankly, the South is someplace that you can’t replicate. Each place listed in this post has special qualities about it that you have to go to experience. Let’s talk about 6 Must Visit Places in the South.

Birmingham, Alabama

6 Must-Visit Places in the South

As a Birmingham native, I had to start with my hometown. In recent years, Birmingham has evolved from a slow southern city to a city with great potential. We have some of the best food and some of the best people that you will ever meet. Downtown Birmingham is becoming a social and business-oriented hub for the state of Alabama. Several amazing communities surround Birmingham that gives it that southern flair that is undeniable.

Atlanta, Georgia

6 Must Visit Places in the South

Please refrain from calling this “Hotlanta”. I’m sorry, I had to just get that out of the way. Atlanta is a very special place where the spirit of the South is alive and well. ATL has some of the best food and interesting history. The city always has something going on and the city is always bustling with people and events. Downtown Atlanta is filled with amazing experiences for families, friends, and fans. This place easily ended up on the 6 Must Visit Places in the South list.

Nashville, Tennessee

You won’t find a city more accommodating, authentic, and accessible than Nashville. Nashville is a true southern city. The food scene is amazing and entertainment in Nashville is non-stop. With attractions like the Grand Ole Opry House and so much more, you are bound to find your inner southern self in Nashville.

Charleston, South Carolina

This is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Founded in 1670 by English colonists, it was one of the most prominent cities in the American South until the Civil War. Some say Charleston is defined by its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and pastel antebellum houses, but I see it as more than that. Charleston is a place that has a thriving art scene and stunning local beaches.

New Orleans, Louisiana

6 Must-Visit Places in the South

This city is a haven for live music and a good time. New Orleans may be seen as a city where partying seems like an everyday thing, but New Orleans is so much more than that. There is something amazing about the jazz bands that come down the streets every few hours to entertain the crowds of tourists, or brides and grooms celebrating their nuptials as they and their parties dance down the street – it is just amazing. Visiting here will never be a disappointment. N.O. rightfully earns a spot on my 6 Must-Visit Places in the South list.

Orlando, Florida

6 Must-Visit Places in the South

A city like this has way more than world-class theme parks, Orlando is a very diverse and thriving city with amazing attractions and stellar nightlife. If you’re thinking of a group holiday with lots to do, Orlando is perfect. With multiple accommodation options including hotels, apartments, private homes, etc, buckets of fun in the theme parks and so much more, it’s always a hit with groups.

Do you plan on visiting any of these cities in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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