48 Hours in Washington D.C.

48 Hours in Washington D.C

In December, I took a trip to Washington, D.C to see one of my new found favorite artists, SiR, at The Fillmore at Silver Spring. I spent 48 hours in Washington D.C. My entire weekend was surrounded by this one event. I was completely happy with that. I was super excited to see him live because his music really speaks to me.

Getting to Washington, D.C.

Starting off the weekend and my 48 Hours in Washington D.C., I drove from Birmingham, AL, and I flew out of Atlanta to Baltimore, MD on a short flight. I flew on Spirit Airlines, and believe it or not, it was a pleasant experience. I was amazed that I was able to catch this flight for $38 dollars, round trip. There was no issue getting on the plane, no issue getting to my seat, and no issues exiting the plane. A great experience through and through. I didn’t check any luggage and my personal item was deemed “acceptable”, and it was the perfect way to get away without paying extra for baggage. Everything I needed for the weekend was squeezed into that one Coach Duffle Bag.

48 Hours in Washington D.C.

Once I arrived in Washington, D.C., I arranged for my Turo Host to meet me at BWI (Baltimore Washington International Airport), and he dropped off my rental right there on the spot. Quick, easy, and so efficient. After I hopped in the car, I headed towards D.C. and at the time, it was too early to check into Airbnb, so I went to the store to pick up a few essentials and get a bite to eat.

Milk & Honey Cafe – Bowie, MD

I arrived at Milk & Honey Cafe in Bowie, MD for brunch. To be honest, I was starving. I’m the type to never eat heavy meals before I go on a flight. I don’t want to risk my stomach being upset on a flight. So once I get to my destination, I am ready to get something to eat, and I want something unique to the destination. I’ll be honest, I actually looked this place up on Yelp, and it had stellar reviews so I went to see what the hype was about.

Once we arrived, I was taken in by the decor in the space. It was really cute! It gave me a really cozy vibe. The smiling faces that greeted me made the experience even better. I sat down at the table and started to review the menu. There were SO MANY CHOICES that looked absolutely amazing.

48 Hours in Washington, D.C.
The White House – Washington, D.C.

I did decide on the Salmon & Grits, and Y’ALL, THE FOOD WAS SO FREAKING GOOD. I still dream about it until this day. The Salmon was cooked perfectly. The grits had this creamy cajun sauce that complimented the salmon and every bite was truly delightful. I was so sad when the experience was over (yes, it truly was an experience eating that dish), but I knew that if I ever came back to D.C., that would be one of the first places that I stop.

Check-In Time, AirBnB Vibes

After I ate that phenomenal meal at Milk & Honey, I headed to my Airbnb (here is where I stayed), and the Airbnb was so beautiful. I did not have the entire house to myself, I only had a private room, but I never felt uncomfortable. There was a slight hiccup during check-in because the previous person didn’t check out on time, but Milly was an amazing host. I would book again with her if I was in the area.

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48 Hours in Washington D.C.
The private room I stayed in during my D.C. Trip. Book it here.

I do want to note though if you were wondering if the AirBnB looked like the pictures, it looked exactly like the photos. Every detail was exactly the same. I can truly understand why Milly is a super host. The place has thoughtful interior design and she has a welcoming personality. It truly was the perfect place to unwind after exploring Washington, D.C.

Inglewood SiR

After relaxing for a few hours, it was finally time to go see SiR. I was so excited about it too. It was going to be a great night with great vibes. The driving distance from the venue was about 25 minutes and we headed out about 45 minutes before the show so that we could be there and find parking. Walking into The Fillmore it was a big open space. I could also appreciate the fact that they had AIR CONDITIONING. Being in the venue and being comfortable enough to enjoy the show without sweating. It was a great experience because I felt like I could vibe and have fun. I don’t care what people say, having adequate space in a venue is essential.

48 Hours in Washington, D.C.

The show was absolutely amazing. It was so intimate and he truly loves to connect with his fans. He was engaging the entire show and was genuinely grateful for his fans. The crowd had a great time, it looked like he had a great time performing. He performed some of my favorites like Fire, D’Evils, and John Redcorn. SiR was so good that I made up in my mind that I have to see him live again. The tickets were about $90, but it was well worth the cost.

After The Concert …

Seeing SiR was the highlight of my night, but the food is the highlight of my life. I was hungry again and at 11 PM at night, there aren’t many options for fine dining. I ended up meeting with a few of my friends, friends and we ended up going to this pizza spot and it was the bomb. The pizza tasted like something straight from Italy. I later found out that the lady who owns the pizza place actually is from Italy and she has been running that pizza joint for years.

Time To Take In The Culture

The next day, I decided to go to the African American Museum of History and Culture. I could not come to D.C. without partaking in something that has to do with my culture and frankly, the museum did not disappoint. I saw so many things that made me think, some things that made me tear up, and some things that made me laugh. In all, it made me proud to be a black woman. Some of my favorite things in the museum included the Harriett Tubman display and the Grand Klu Klux Klan robe.

Dinner at Matchbox

48 Hours in Washington DC

After the museum, we had dinner at Matchbox in D.C. right around the corner from the museum. It was pretty good! I had the crab cakes. Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I love a good crab cake. It’s my favorite food. If it’s on the menu then you can bet your last dollar that I’m going to try them. Other notable things on the table included, crispy half chicken and the crab cake sandwich.

Wrapping Up The Day

After Matchbox, liquor was passed around and laughs were exchanged. We ended the night laughing and looking at the Washington D.C. skyline from a nice condo minutes from downtown. I couldn’t lie like I wasn’t tired, so we decided to end the night. I had an early morning flight back to Atlanta, and I didn’t want to be late dropping off the rental back to its owner.

Back To Reality

I headed back to Atlanta the next morning. It was a well needed weekend trip. The flight back to ATL was easy and I had a couple of drinks on the way back and it gave me a slight buzz. My 48 Hours in Washington D.C. was amazing and Sir was amazing. I would visit D.C. again in a heartbeat.


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