4 Must-Have Travel Photography Apps

Obtaining the perfect travel photo has been of high importance since Instagram came around and changed social media forever. On vacation or your time away, obtaining that show-stopping vacation photograph is as important as actually getting to the location. Let’s talk about 4 must-have travel photography apps that you need in your arsenal.


This is your favorite Instagrammers favorite app. VSCO is king when it comes to those really fire filters that you see your favorite Instagram influencer using consistently. VSCO is known for helping you create beautiful edits worthy of Instagram popularity.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop have always been pioneers in the photography industry and I couldn’t mention other apps and software without mentioning them. One great thing about Adobe Lightroom is that you get to purchase or create your own presets (find out more about presets here) and store them inside of Adobe Lightroom so that your look remains consistent across the board during editing. This is a game-changing feature that keeps me going back to Adobe Lightroom every single time.


This app is my go-to when I need to do some slight facial editing. Peachy has truly come in handy when I have that annoying pimple that I don’t want to be remembered in my epic travel photo or selfie. They also have pretty amazing filters on the app as well that I use quite often when I want to add a quick filter to my photos. Other notable features include face smoothing and teeth whitening.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush is an all-in-one video creation tool that you can use to capture, edit, and share professional-looking videos quickly on your social channels, such as YouTube or Facebook. The app is ideal for creating short videos (20 minutes or less) and creates high-quality content for your friends, family, subscribers, or community.

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